Buying, Selling & Trading


To purchase an item, a buyer may place a Bid on an item listed for sale via Deadstock App, Site, and/or Services. When a buyer places a Bid on an item for sale, they are committing to buy the item and complete the transaction for the agreed-upon purchase price set by their Bid. The buyer understands and agrees that their payment method will be charged the amount of the agreed-upon purchase price for the item. All purchased items must first be authenticated and checked for condition standards at the closest Deadstock location. Upon passing verification, the item will be shipped to the buyer. Buyers must have both a verified billing address and shipping address within the United States or Canada in order to be an eligible buyer.

For more information, please refer to “Section 8: Buyer Obligations” in our Terms and Conditions.


Affiliates can sell multiple items to DeadStock, at an agreed-upon price, that buyers can browse and purchase via our App, Site, and/or Services.  The commission will be paid, to the Affiliate, on sold items, based on the agreed-upon price, if the item is sold. When selling an item, the Affiliate provides a price, and DeadStock lists the Affiliates requested price online.  Buyers can make a bid for the item for an amount equal to or higher than the Listing Price. When DeadStock lists an item for sale per the Affiliate, Affiliates are allowing DeadStock to make a binding offer to sell that item to the buyer, whose bid meets their Listing Price, and to ship the item to Deadstock for authentication. When an item has been purchased and payment has been received, the Affiliate is contractually bound to deliver that exact item for the agreed-upon price. Items must be shipped to Deadstock via the carrier designated by Deadstock, using the prepaid/pre-addressed shipping provided by us, within the timeframe specified in the sale confirmation email.

Affiliates must obtain a receipt from the shipping carrier to verify the shipment of the item. All resale items must be shipped to us for our in-house authenticators to verify their authenticity before they can be sold via our platform. Upon verification, we will then ship the items to the buyer.

Affiliates can cancel an order within 24 hours of the item selling on the platform but will incur a $35 cancellation fee.

For more information, please refer to “Section 7: Affiliate Obligations” in our Terms and Conditions.

Fee Policy – Affiliates Fee

The affiliates fee to sell on Deadstock’s affiliate program is 9.5% of a sales transaction plus a 2.9% processing fee to transfer the funds to the affiliate preferred bank. The commission fee will be deducted from the affiliate listing price.
Please note, multiple cancellations will result in a higher commission fee. The commission fee can increase to 15% and a maximum of 25% depending on the number of affiliates cancellations and verification issues. We enforce this policy in order to ensure the integrity of our affiliate program.


Deadstock is the first widely available sneaker and streetwear platform to offer the option to trade items in addition to buying and selling. With the trade option, users can now use both items and cash as currency to trade with other collectors. Users can view items available for trade, and from there they can both propose and receive trade offers for items they want using other items plus cash amounts to negotiate and increase the value of their trade offers. Trades can be made with up to 5 items per trade, plus cash amounts

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