Next-Level Security with NFC Blockchain Technology

To fulfill our mission of creating the most trustworthy, secure, and technologically advanced marketplace for the sneakerhead and streetwear fanatic community, we have leveled up our security game to ensure the optimal buying, selling, and trading experience for our customers. The Deadstock™ mobile application (“App”) is the first widely-available online streetwear marketplace to implement the use of high-level Blockchain technology, which is essentially a decentralized digital ledger of transactions, to counteract the steady rise in counterfeit and pirated products in recent years. Deadstock™ utilizes a Blockchain system paired with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology which will significantly increase both trust and transparency while making our platform near impossible to change, hack, or deceive (patent pending #63/203,260).

While Blockchain technology is already used today, particularly to verify provenance of rare and limited-edition items, current systems typically rely on the public’s general trust in the manufacturer or on third party handlers to verify product authenticity. Even with additional check points and vetting processes in place to further ensure product authenticity, the common use of data carriers like Quick Response (QR) codes may be problematic, as QR codes can sometimes be duplicated and are therefore subject to potential fraud. Likewise, it may be difficult to verify a product’s authenticity or whether any substitution may have taken place throughout its transit process.

To counter this issue, we are implementing a next-level Blockchain system paired with the use of innovative NFC technology which helps to lock in the security of our platform that much more (patent pending #63/203,260). With the advanced NFC technology, each product is identified and verified to eliminate the possibility of imitation or duplication – in other words, cancelling out counterfeit products. Each product bought, sold, and traded on our platform is first thoroughly inspected and authenticated in-house by our staff and then, upon passing our authentication protocol, is given a unique NFC tag that binds the physical item to its digital identity, which allows users to verify the product’s authenticity by accessing the product’s Heat Facts™ or unique secured identity data. Users can scan each product’s NFC tag with their mobile device to access its Heat Facts. Likewise, each product’s data is devised to automatically flow into the blockchain ledger where it is securely stored for the item’s lifetime.

At Deadstock™, we are changing the game for the sneakerhead and streetwear community. We have identified problems in the current market and addressed them with solutions that help enhance the buy/sell/trade experience via our App. Of these pain points, optimizing the security of our platform for our customers is of the utmost priority.

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