Fee Policy

Seller Fee (buy & bid):

Sellers are charged the seller fee of 9.5% + 2.9% transaction fee. No authentication fees will be charged to sellers. Shipping costs from the seller to Deadstock warehouse will be covered by Deadstock in the form of a pre-addressed and prepaid shipping label. 

Buyer Fees (buy & bid):

Buyers are charged a 2.9% transaction fee + a flat fee of $13.99 shipping rate for each purchase.

Trade Fees:

Users who are trading items will be charged a $30 flat trade fee. The user on each side of the trade will be charged the trade fee. The shipping fee per item within the trade will be $13.99 (e.g. if one side is trading two items, they will pay $27.98 in shipping).

Consignment Fee:

For sellers who wish to consign their items with Deadstock, a 10% consignment fee will be added to the list price for the item. Consignment items are items that have been pre-authenticated and are being stored in a Deadstock warehouse.

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