Condition Standards

All items listed on Deadstock™ are unused and have never been worn. We only authenticate sneakers, clothing, and accessories that are verified as being brand new and unused. This ensures that our affiliates and buyers are always guaranteed the real deal in high quality, mint condition, and that matches the item as described.

The condition standard of each product is subject to our in-house authentication process, in which our expert team thoroughly inspects every item for any deficiencies including, but not limited to: creases, scuffs, tears, markings, glue stains, signs of use, the condition of the box, and any other criteria as determined entirely at our discretion. Additionally, our AI-backed HeatCheck™ service catches even the slightest details that an untrained eye would otherwise miss – ranging from discoloration to texture defects found on many counterfeit products.

These processes are put in place by Deadstock to ensure each and every product bought, sold, and traded through our platform is verified as authentic and also meets industry condition standards.

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