Authentication Process

Our mission is to build the world’s most trustworthy, secure, and technologically advanced marketplace for sneakerheads and streetwear fanatics. As such, Deadstock™ is the first widely available streetwear marketplace to implement the use of AI-backed technology and a high-level Blockchain system that makes our platform impenetrable and ultra-secure. By utilizing photos on a public Blockchain ledger paired with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, each product bought, sold, and traded on our marketplace is identified and verified to eliminate the possibility of passing counterfeit products (patent pending #63/203,260). Our HeatCheck™ service catches even the slightest details an untrained eye would otherwise miss – ranging from discoloration to texture defects found on many counterfeit products.

Each product we receive is thoroughly inspected in-house by our expert team of authenticators. Upon passing our authentication protocol and meeting our condition standards, each item then gets assigned a unique NFC tag that users can scan with their mobile device to access each product’s Heat Facts™ or unique secured identity data (patent pending #63/203,260). Each item’s Heat Facts data is configured to automatically flow into the Blockchain ledger, where it is securely stored for the item’s lifetime. With the use of this next-level technology, we have created what we believe is the highest level of authenticity in the market.

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